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How much is Gutter Guard?

Gutter guard is a broad term which covers any system for protecting your gutters from unwanted debris, and while there are a number of different solutions, a decent system will cost around $AU27.00 - $AU50.00 per linear metre installed.

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There are a number of factors which affect the price of gutter guards including:

- size of the holes in the guard,

- material it is manufactured from,

- fixing requirements,

- width of the mesh required,

- type of roof it is being fixed to,

- type of gutter it is being used for and

. - number of metres being installed

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Taking these factors into consideration, the price of gutter guards can range anywhere from $3 per metre, up to about $58 per metre including required fixings such as trim, screws, clips, etc. The price may not include installation and when taken into account the cost of a gutter guard system installed is likely to be between $10/m to $85/m.

The difference would be installing a guard with 10 mm holes made of thin plastic designed to sit inside the gutter on a standard single storey, easy access gutter - compared to a quality aluminium 2 mm holed guard installed on a 1.2 m box gutter requiring intricate support angle at an install height of at least two storey's.

Once these extreme cases are taken out of the equation, you get a much more reasonable price range for the average residential gutter guard installation. Generally cheaper priced products are designed to sit inside the gutter and i would not waste my time installing it, because these systems barely provide much improvement to your leaf litter situation and will require regular gutter cleaning albeit less often.

In my experience, for a quality product which:

A) covers the entire gutter properly utilizing the pitch of the roof to ensure debris blows off, and

B) is durable enough to ensure at least a 15 year product warranty,

C) and has been installed in a way to not create further problems and is easily maintained,

you will be wanting to spend between $27 to $50 per metre installed.

The lower end of this scale will be a high quality polymesh, while the top end will be a very durable colorbond or stainless steel mesh installed to a standard gutter on a double storey home without the need for scaffolding.

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With Real Home Improvements and Leafshield, i prefer to install a system which totally covers the gutter and is either a high quality poly or aluminium mesh or a 3D colorbond. While the systems we install are great gutter guard systems, it is important to remember that a key part of the performance of a gutter guard system comes down to the installation. This is something that I take time to really explain to my clients making sure that the right system and installation technique is used.

If you would like some honest advice on what would be the best gutter guard solution for your situation or would like a quote and live in South Australia, lets connect

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