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About Anthony

With over 15 years experience in the home improvements industry in Australia, I have helped many hundreds of clients improve the functionality of their homes and/or business, complete necessary maintenance and generally improve the value and enjoyment of their most important assets. Currently I am a senior consultant at Real Home Improvements and Leafshield in Adelaide, South Australia.

My goal is to help ordinary people get great work done at reasonable prices. I understand that people looking for home improvements want a quality job at a reasonable price. No one likes to get ripped off or messed about and unfortunately, there are too many horror stories of people who have simply had bad experiences.

Over the years I have learnt how to really listen to my customers to find a solution to suit their needs and wants, rather than just sell them products we have.

Since working with Real Home Improvements, I have been able to provide clients with some of the best products and trades people South Australia has to offer.  Together we are assisting clients with a wide range of improvements, including pergolas, carports, solar power solutions, verandahs, roofing, guttering, gutter guard, rendering, roller shutters, security, fencing and more.

I am new to blogging, and know that some of my posts need work, so feedback is awesome. I am also not a website designer so i apologise for any formatting or use issues. Despite all that, I truly believe that I will be able to add value to your situation (provided it's a product i know). I don't expect you to take my word, that's why I included a testimonials page -check it out

If you live in South Australia and want real advice on your home improvements, we should connect.

 Want some honest industry insights?

Anthony Schlotzer
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