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Guttering PROFILES

Do you ever wonder if a different gutter profile would be better for your home? In Adelaide, there are a number of popular gutter profiles found in most suburbs. Style and capacity are the two key factors when deciding the right profile for your home.

Adelaide gutter job

While there are a number of companies in Adelaide who manufacture gutters, the profiles are generally the same with different names. It is important to remember that while a gutter profile might look the same as an existing profile, the actual measurements may be slightly different which MAY create problems joining new profiles with existing. For more about the why we can not always fix gutters check out my post: Fixing Gutters

Please note

  • Click on each gutter profile to view the spec sheet (this will show dimensions you can compare)

  • Gutter profiles mentioned in this post are manufactured by Revolution Roofing.

  • Capacity refers to the cross section area of the gutter profile.

  • For an overview of the most common profiles check out this brochure.

OG gutter profile

OG Gutter - The OG (old gothic) gutter profile is a traditional style for a modern home. Minimalistic disgn is achieved through it's shallower profile. There are two common sizes for the OG gutter: the 115 mm and the 125 mm. As you would expect the 125 mm has greater capacity at 7420 mm2 while the 115 mm has a capacity of 6310 mm2.

Quad gutter profile

Quad Gutter- The Quad gutter profile is the ideal profile for concealing the ends of sheeting for a neat finish. This profile is also suitable for contemporary and traditional architecture. It comes in two styles with different capacities. The 115 mm Quad is your standard quad and has the same capacity as the 115 mm OG profile (6310 mm2). The High Front Quad is great for finishing tiles roofs and traditional buildings and has a greater water capacity at 8322 mm2

D gutter profile

D Gutter - The 'D' Gutter profile is probably the most common of all gutter profiles in Adelaide. It typically comes in a 125 mm profile with a capacity of 8250 mm2

Smoothback gutter profile

Smoothback - The Smoothback gutter profile is another traditional profile like the 'D' Gutter and is very popular in South Australia. The capacity of this profile is 8121 mm2

Fascia gutter profile

Fascia Gutter - Fascia gutter is probably the most popular and traditional profile of all the profiles. It is suitable for all roof types and has a water capacity of 8024mm2

Half round gutter profile

Half Round Gutter- As the name suggests, this gutter profile is simply half a circle. This profile is great for residential and commercial applications and comes in various diameters: ranging from 100mm to 500mm. The standard capacity is 8600mm.

Mosman gutter profile

Mosman Gutter - The Mosman Gutter profile is a contemporary sleek design which is designed to move a lot of water. This profile boasts a 22,729 mm2 water carrying capacity

These are the most common profiles. If you want to check out the profile in more detail do click on the 'bolded' profile name to go to the spec sheet. If you really have no idea about guttering and want some really basic terminologies to help plan your next project: Read Guttering BASICS 101

If you want more information from an industry expert, leave me your details and I will be able to assist you.

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