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How Much Are Roller Shutters, In Adelaide?

Window roller shutters are one of the most popular home improvement items in South Australia. Companies are capitalising on the popularity by using hard sell techniques and charging like wounded bulls. So before you say yes to that door knocker, what should you pay for roller shutters in Adelaide?

Roller shuttes - how much should you pay in SA

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While I am going to do my best to answer this question, there is no easy way to provide a price guide for roller shutters.

Firstly there are a number of different types of slats available, standard PU foam filled, high density foam filled slats and extruded slats are the most commonly used slat profiles on for window roller shutters.

Secondly, the method of operation (manual, battery, electric or solar) and type of motor have a significant impact

Thirdly, the difficulty of the installation has an impact

Lastly, the payment method will also play a part in the final price. 'No interest ever' terms do come at a cost. You could save 20% or more if you purchase the shutters outright.

So, let's strip back these considerations and start at the beginning with the curtain. The curtain is the actual shutter. It includes the headbox, guides and slats. Below is a small sample of a price grid for a standard residential slat - PU foam filled at around 40mm wide and 8-9mm thick.

Roller shutter price ranges (sample)

(Please note the above prices are excluding GST)

The lower end of the price range will be a for a no frills service, perhaps online purchase where the top end of the range would include 'no interest ever' payment plans and/or a product where great customer service is delivered.

If you were after a security or extruded slat, you could expect to pay 25-45% more depending on the size and for shutters with HDF (high density foam) you could expect to pay 25-35% more than the prices in the above table. Extruded slats are also marketed as fire rated shutters and are great for bush fire zones. This is because they are not foam filled and the aluminium is up to 3 x the thickness.

Installation is the next consideration and usually starts at around $120 and goes up from there depending on factors such as height, additional material, mounting surface, operation etc.

The operation type is the final consideration. Manual or strap winders will usually set you back around $80 - $140. Motors can range $180 - $950 depending on the size of the motor, warranties, remotes etc.

I understand that this 'guide' has a large variation from the lowest range to the highest and that is because there are a number of factors which affect the cost of the shutters. My advice is always to get a couple of quotes and be very careful if you are given a price which is higher than the prices listed above.

Discounts from volume purchases and promotional deals have the potential to save you thousands but again be very cautious if retail prices quoted are higher than the prices mentioned above.

Before making a final decision- do your homework. A great place to start looking for roller shutters is by asking friends and family for suggestions and advice. And if you want some industry insight - I'm happy to help or

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