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The Absolute Best Way To Enclose A Pergola -EV Roller Shutters

Have you ever thought about how to get more living out of your pergola? Ever wanted to spend time outdoors but weather conditions put a dampener on things. I find that often it is either too sunny, too cold, too windy or just too much rain coming from the wrong direction. These situations really limit the amount of time we can enjoy entertaining in and enjoying our pergolas. Solutions like enclosing the pergola or installing verandah blinds do increase the amount to usage we get but lets face it - they have their limitations. Once enclosed we lose access and view to the outdoors. And if verandah blinds are used we need to be careful not to have them down in heavy wind and in heavy rain the mist they let through can be a bit of a turn off. So if you are wanting to use your outdoor entertaining area in any season, at any time, the best way to enclose a pergola is to install Easy View (EV) roller shutters.

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What are easy view roller shutters?

Easy View (EV) Roller Shutters are a type of roller shutter (if you do not know what a roller shutter is check out my post - What Are Roller Shutters). The main difference between a standard shutter and an EV roller shutters is the view. They are made up of a strong extuded slat mixed with a UV resistant polycarbonate profile. This ensures that the shutters add security and a permanent view of the outdoors. You can check out the product brochure here.

Easy View roller shutters -the best way to enclose a pergola

What makes EV shutters so good?

Simply speaking, they turn your pergola into an indoor/outdoor, inside/out liveable space all year round. Here are a couple of the key points:

-They can handle incredibly strong wind speeds (this does vary according to the width)

- They are totally sealed

- They give you a view of the outdoors (every 2nd slat is see through)

- They are easy to operate (especially when motorised with a remote)

- They create security for your pergola when down

- They look great and come in a range of colours

- They will span up to 4.4m wide

Basically, EV roller shutters are the perfect mix between permanently enclosing in your pergola and wanting to keep the outdoors feel of your pergola. We also love that they are made here in South Australia.

So, what's the down side?

Unfortunately like all good things, there are a couple of drawbacks. There are times when you just want a bit of protection from the sun without blocking out the outdoors. There is no doubt that outdoor blinds are perfect for blocking out the sun while still feeling like you are outside (not just able to view outside).

The other drawback is probably the price. EV roller shutters will set you back more than permanently enclosing your pergola or installing outdoor blinds - even channelled outdoor blinds. This is because they need to be stronger than a standard residential roller shutter (as they have nothing to support them from behind, such as a window) and they are typically bigger than a standard roller shutter (usually 2+m wide and 2+m high).

The final word

If you are looking for the absolute best solution for keeping your pergola a pergola with all year, all weather usability, you can't go past EV roller shutters. And hey, while they are a bit more expensive than other solutions, they give you the best of both worlds. And if you still want the outdoors feel of verandah blinds, why not get both installed.

If you have a pergola and want to get the most out of it. Contact me and I will be happy to help.

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