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Top 3 Roller Shutter Questions

Roller shutters have been part of the Australian home improvements landscape for a few decades now and Adelaide is no different. Despite their popularity, some questions continue to come up so I thought I would answer the top 3 roller shutter questions i come across in Adelaide.

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Do Roller Shutters Help With Energy Costs?

Absolutely. During summer, it is estimated that heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times that of a wall in the same location. While in winter the loss of heat from the outside to the inside can be as much as 40%. Windows cost money, we need to spend more money heating and cooling our homes and with electricity prices in Adelaide skyrocketing, it makes sense to cover the windows.

Most domestic roller shutters are constructed from aluminium and are foam-filled making for a strong yet light barrier to the elements trapping air in the home at the temperature you want it set at.

How are Roller Shutters Operated?

There are a number of methods of operating roller shutters. The three main methods are:

  • Using a wall operated or toggle switch

  • Using a remote control

  • Manual winding or operating

Wall operated - Wall operated roller shutters can either be powered by a 12 volt battery or hard-wired. For the 12 volt battery option, a cradle with a battery will typically be located next to the window which is to be operated. Most Australian manufacturers will have the up, down and stop buttons located on the battery - this makes the whole system compact and look nice. Wall operated hard wired shutters only need a small toggle or switch located next to the window for operating. These systems are even more aesthetically pleasing and discreet.

Remote control - Remote controlled shutters can again be either 12 volt battery operated or 240 volt hard wired. The main functional difference is the remote receiver which can be found in either the battery or the motor. The receiver is necessary to communicate with the remote. For a battery operated shutter, not much will look different as the battery and cradle will still need to be placed near the window as it contains the power source to operate the motor. For the hard wired shutter, you have the option of doing away with a way mounted operation altogether (although you may wan to keep the wall mount - just in case of a lost or misplaced remote and an emergency)

Manually operated - Yes, manually operated shutter are still available. Typically they either come as a with a winding handle or a strap which you pull on to open or close. These are a little more obtrusive as the winder and the strap will be visible near the window. Manually operated roller shutters also have limitations as to the operating weights they can be used for (so large windows generally need a motor anyway). But if you are on a budget, they make a great option.

What happens if there is a fire?

This is perhaps the hardest question to answer. Most people are aware of the security benefits of shutters at keeping burglars out, so what about the possibility of trapping residents inside the home in the case of an emergency. For most emergencies, the roller shutters should be operating and while opening the shutters may be relatively quick on a normal day, they will seem extremely slow in an emergency, so being as calm as possible will help. In the rare occasion that the power is out, all your shutters are hard wired and they are rolled down you may be in a little trouble.

If you are considering fitting your entire home with roller shutters, a proper exit strategy needs to be designed with your shutter installer. This may include fitting a manual over ride, making some shutters manual, or using battery or solar powered shutters with smoke alarm activated emergency overrides. These systems will automatically signal to the shutter to open, making sure you are not trapped. Find out more about these by clicking HERE

Well there you have it, the 3 most asked roller shutter questions in Adelaide. The great news for anyone who lives in South Australia is that some of the best Roller Shutter manufacturers have factories here so most of the time you will be supporting South Australia when you purchase roller shutters. My two favourite manufacturers are Ozroll and CW Products.

If you live in South Australia and are after quality roller shutters at a good price or are just after some honest advice. Send me an email or text message, alternatively you can enter your details with a brief description of you enquiry by following the LINK

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