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What are Roller Shutters?

Households in Adelaide have been installing roller shutters for decades now. In case you are not aware of what they are or are confused, Read on.

Roller shutters on Bay window Adelaide

Roller shutters are generally external coverings for windows or doorways. They are made up of a series of slats hinged together. The slats being hinged allows the shutter to roll up into a headbox meaning that the shutter can be tucked away to allow access through a doorway or window.

Typically roller shutters are made of aluminium, however they can also be made of stainless steel and other materials. Depending on how the shutter is to be used, will determine the size of the slat and the thickness of the material it is made of.

For a standard residential shutter, the slats will be filled with a foam which assists with strength, insulating properties and noise reduction. These factors make them very desirable for a modern energy efficient home. For more information check out my post: The top 3 Roller shutter questions

If you want a stronger shutter, you will be choosing between a higher density foam filling, a wider slat, or a slat made of thicker material. A stronger slat will be required for higher security, larger spaces or potential exposure to more extreme weather conditions.

Operating roller shutters is simple. You can have the shutters with manual controls, 12 volt battery or solar options or 240 volt hardwired operation. Most of the electric options also have the capability of adding remotes. You may have limitations on the operation method depending on the size and the weight of the shutter needed.

If you are after a little more detail on standard residential slats, you can check out this brochure or you may like to check out the specs from a different manufacturer here

If you are interested in getting roller shutters for your home, I am happy to help with any questions

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